Given that hotel management and unions have so far differed on several issues, the two parties should not quickly reach a contract agreement. In the end, the baseball players and the owners went smart and got a no-strike contract. October 2009, after missing the first four games of the regular season. If the repair has been tolerated as part of a service contract, see point 2.7. oral/verbal – w formie ustnejin writing – w formie pisemnejnotarized – w formie aktu notarialnegodraft of an agreement/a contract – projekt umowymutual/reciprocal agreement/contract – umowa wzajemnabilateral agreement/contract – umowa dwuonnatronnamultilateral agreement/contract naked agreement/contract – umowa nieodpéatna (pod tytu`em darmym) preliminary agreement/contract – umowa przedwst-pnabinding – wi`cybound by contract/agreement – zwiézany umow`valid – wa`ny (wa`na czynno` prawna, umowa) – void umowa) according to the agreement – zgodnie z umow-de by agreement – ustalone w umowieby mutual agreement – za obo-lnym porozumieniemcoming under contract – objéty umowé umowé-hire purchase – umowa sprzeda`y ratalnej With this week`s employment contract, the city employed about two-thirds of its workforce under contract contracts. According to some, he did not keep his part of the agreement. Execution of a contract/contract – vykonanie umowy breach of contract – naruszenie umowy contract/contract – umowafreedom of contract – zasada svobody umwparty to a contract – strona umowys of a contract – przedmiot umowy contract content – trea umowylegal relationship – stosunek prawnylegal person/juridical entity – osoba prawna Is a contract for accommodation, personal care, Health care, and support services? However, the Capitals were unable to secure a contract agreement with him, so he was reinstated in 2003. Marriage contract – umowa maéska (intercyza) The Giants do not confirm any contract until the contracts are signed. We had a more or less immediate agreement.

for the development of a contract or contract – sporz-dzié umow-to enter into an a./for the conclusion of an a. – zawrzea umow-to sign a./a c. – podpisaa umowéto abide by an a./a c. – dotrzymywaé umowyto rap an a./a c. – naruszyé postanowienia umowyto enforce an a./a c. – dochodzié s`downie wykonania umowyto perform a./a c. – wykona`s