It is a framework agreement that can serve as the basis for future labour agreements. The work to be done is shown in a calendar at the end of the document. If you wish to reintegrate the same person or company under the same conditions, you simply have to update the calendar with the new specification and refer to the terms of that agreement. You and the subcontractor are competent under health and safety law. You have to take both precautions to reduce this. If so, you should be prepared to ensure that by choosing your subcontractor, you have asked for their risk assessments and health and safety policies. Whether you want to hire a contractor or subcontractor, you should check that they are qualified and competent enough to do the job safely without endangering health and safety. The contractor is responsible to the contractor for the quality of his work carried out by the subcontractor, which he may not completely control. Depending on the nature of the work required, the contractor may not yet use the subcontractor and may not be aware of the quality produced by the subcontractor. First, this contract controls the way the work is performed and ensures that the subcontractor is responsible for what he or she does (or does not). It limits your liability to the subcontractor if something goes wrong, and allows you to ask him or her if the required standards are not met. By reviewing the details of the project, the contractor could quickly identify certain tasks for which he or she is unable to perform them. As a result, the contractor could contact subcontractors for these tasks.

If so, you certainly have a lot to think about — even more than you would have done when you read this article. Because no matter who contractors or subcontractors are involved in a project, you will ultimately be held responsible for this project and its success… or the lack of that. It is customary, when subcontractors are used, to negotiate a reduced fee so that you can charge them to your customer/consumer at a higher cost. If you have any doubts as to how the contractor will carry out the task entrusted to them – or is already dealing with it – you would raise those concerns directly with the contractor.