Fertigation is an innovation process that brings nutrients to a yard’s life through the irrigation system at the same time lower water usage by 25%. Our Fertigation process transforms a yard and creates beautiful plants that will flourish in front of your eyes. No one can deny the importance of proper fertilization to creating a beautiful healthy yard. Applying the proper amounts of fertilizer correctly added to make the perfect blend of nutrients that creates yards of envy. See how Fertigation is changing everyday yards into yards of beauty.

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The Fertigation installation process is simple and adaptable to most systems. We our knowledge and expertise we eliminate costly and timely overalls that can drive costs up. The Fertigation process is made easy and adaptable so everyone can benefit from the innovative creation that helps beautiful yards.

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Injector Refills

The use of the Injector refills is the unique design of the Fertigation process. The Injector refills are designed to contain nutrient-fortified fertilizer conveniently lasting up to 3 months for maximum efficiency. Every injector refill contains only the best ingredients for soil maintenance and no harmful liquids.

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Fertigation Systems by Allyn Rigby


FERTIGATION SYSTEMS LLC is company run by Allyn Rigby in Goodyear, Arizona, that installs integrated fertigation systems all over the Greater Phoenix area. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, I am fully capable of transforming your yard into a lush green garden. Don’t let the desert stop you from having that verdant landscape you’ve always wished for.
Contact me today in Goodyear, Arizona, to request a quote on residential fertigation systems.

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